Investigations have now proven that there has been no Russian collusion in the making of custom jewelry at Jewelry Theory.  In fact, there has been no outside influence from any foreign government or their agencies in the creation of these beautiful pieces.  Previous allegations from un-named sources, leaked to what has been referred to as “Fake News“,  have now been debunked.  Each and every custom ring has been found to be designed, crafted, and finished in the Dallas Design District.

All staff and associates at Jewelry Theory have been helpful and cooperative, and have turned over all work related emails.  The only incriminating materials uncovered to date have been an online take out order for two tacos, 8 burritos, and a family pack of chalupas.  That employee has graciously offered his resignation but management has decided to reject the offer and stand behind their staff member, stating for the record that they believe that there was no ill intent and that the man was “only hungry”.  Investigative reporters tried to get a direct quote from the employee himself, but gave up after two hours because he never came out of the bathroom.

Anonymouse photo of Kenneth

[ Photo of the employee under investigation. To protect his privacy we have used a black out bar to mask his identity and will only refer to him as ‘burrito boy’]